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Hump Day Manifesto Nuggs

Wednesday is a great day to build on the slate that is taking root all over the world…or at least here in the home/office and parts of the backyard.  Herewith: Anyone using the term “baby bump” will be subject to … Continue reading

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The end of the dialogue

Dang that pesky Obama.  We finally had a topic everyone could scream about, and he goes and silences the band of crazies in one fell swoop. What’s the next hot-button topic to emerge that will have nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Birthers might have a decent point.

Can you name another US president whose birth certificate was at the center of a scandal, or perhaps even the toppling of a government?  How about any world leader or even a lowly congressman?  How did this become an issue … Continue reading

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Wednesday is War Day here at JBD2012!

Just another nugget for the manifesto… There are two kinds of wars: Land grabs for riches — which have been waged for millennia — and the kind America fights in the name of freedom and/or democracy.  Let’s revert to the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Manifesto Nibbles

Nobody sleeps on Tuesday.  Herewith, the Decent Manifesto grows. Entitlements.  If you signed a contract that guaranteed certain things like pensions, you deserve them — if you rightfully earned it, no one can rightfully take that away from you — … Continue reading

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Decent Manifesto Nugget

From time to time, we will post some of our agenda.  You won’t like it all, but if you are affiliated with any political party, you know you just have to take it.  We’ll just try to be decent about … Continue reading

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It’s GO time!

Not really, but we have finally empaneled an exploratory committee (sometimes called a commission) with a fearless leader (sometimes called a czar) to look into this whole mess (sometimes called the current state of affairs) and see if we can … Continue reading

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