Decent Manifesto Nugget

From time to time, we will post some of our agenda.  You won’t like it all, but if you are affiliated with any political party, you know you just have to take it.  We’ll just try to be decent about it.  Herewith…

All food and drink purveyors will offer only three sizes: small, medium and large…and in English.

We’re not for union busting, but we are for union leaders to step up and do their jobs.  My first professional encounter was with IATSE in the entertainment field. A rep explained that union labor was pre-vetted by the union, so you paid a premium for premium talent.  That made a lot of sense.  But I can think of no occasion where that proved true in my professional life — most times it was quite the opposite.  So, be Decent, unions: get your people to show up, do their jobs, only take their mandatory breaks, and learn that the go-go days of Detroit in the ’50s no longer exist for anyone.  Otherwise, you’re history.

Let’s just remove the “aisle” from the House and Senate.  Maybe if we called it the “isle,” more people would want to spend time crossing it.

Next up: The Royal Wedding, and why we shouldn’t watch.

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