It’s GO time!

Not really, but we have finally empaneled an exploratory committee (sometimes called a commission) with a fearless leader (sometimes called a czar) to look into this whole mess (sometimes called the current state of affairs) and see if we can contribute to it.  I’m a little concerned about our committee’s czar because he tends to explore things a little too deeply and with cold hands; and that part about fearless raises some hairs when it comes to live ammunition and younger women.

Even so, he will be leading the committee and taking the temperature of the nation in a most personal and invasive way.  With that and a few deep squats performed by focus groups at malls across this great land, we should be ready to declare — or not — our intent to bring this nation back onto a decent path.

Decency is, after all, the name of the game, our goal, and something we should be able to trademark because no one else is selling it.

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