Birthers might have a decent point.

Can you name another US president whose birth certificate was at the center of a scandal, or perhaps even the toppling of a government?  How about any world leader or even a lowly congressman?  How did this become an issue and why are we (they) trying to make it central to the conversation?

Is this how a certain faction of the GOP plans to fix the country?…by “outing” a man whose mother’s obstetrician’s office in a nascent state was not good with filing?

Unbelievable, distracting, stupid, and just not decent.

Let’s cut to the quick, GOP-style: if Obama does not have a birth certificate, he is not from here.  No other birth record has been discovered in Kenya or anywhere else, which means only one thing.

Obama is from another planet.

That would also explain the ears.

Run with that, Donald.

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