Hump Day Manifesto Nuggs

Wednesday is a great day to build on the slate that is taking root all over the world…or at least here in the home/office and parts of the backyard.  Herewith:

Anyone using the term “baby bump” will be subject to a fine and possible imprisonment.

All other words and terms — no matter how distasteful — are fair game for everyone, unless the utterer is so ignorant and inconsiderate as to intentionally choose the word solely for its incendiary, indecent impact.  Such people will be tattooed on the forehead with the same word.  Should this become a badge of honor for the perpetrator, the same procedure will be performed on the soft tissue of his/her upper rectum.

No longer will insurance companies’ stock be publicly traded and its well-compensated officers beholden to profit-seeking investors. Instead, they will be beholden to their aid-seeking policyholders.  Oil companies might be next, given the increasing urgency of the stuff to national security.  (Don’t worry, everyone effected will still make out like bandits…and no, this is not socialism, it’s de-listing)

Your religion is very good.  And so is yours. And yours, and yours too.  All very well thought out, lots of good characters and drama, some blood and wisdom. Nice work, people!  Fakhri, stop picking on Ezra, that’s his desk now.

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