This is not about Politics

Yes, the country and the world are a shambles these days.  There’s plenty of blame to go around, and there are certainly enough people in politics and the media to try to assign every last bit of it…and more.

I’m done with blame.  I want to see a return of shame, the very public condition in which a person accepts they have done wrong, atones, and then dedicates themselves to correcting it. Perhaps they have maligned the ethical legacy of a great institution (be it a bank, a voting constituency, a company, profession or industry), neglected the interests of their customers/beneficiaries in the scramble for “earnings,” voted not from their heart or head but from their greed or some other party-etched interest, or just plain lied, cheated or swindled as a means to some deluded end.

At its core, I think, is the loss of decency in politics, finance, business and across the social spectrum.  This behavior and attitude, believe it or not, trickles down to the rest of us: the 350 million people who look to these “leaders” to lead and be decent — in daily life, in our exchanges with one another, in the role we play in society.

That’s all this is.  Just be Decent.  Don’t be a jerk or a hater or a crybaby or a selfish obstructionist.  Do your part in society for the common good.  Work hard, get ahead, pay your fair share, take your fair share and let others do the same.  That’s not a dangerous notion, nor is it liberal, socialist — it’s not even political — or anything else but this: obey your conscience, and if you’ve lost it, find it again.

Is this too much to ask? Unreasonable? Well, my Plan B was even more unrealistic: Throw ’em all out.  Not gonna happen, but still worth dreaming about.

Just be Decent



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